Homeopathy Courses

We live in the information age. Never before have people had access to so much information about treating health issues - a few clicks and Dr Google gives us a diagnosis (that may or may not be accurate) and treatments (that may or may not be useful or even harmless). Home remedies abound - probiotics, Epsom salt baths, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, turmeric, grounding, fermented foods, Carbon 60, Hydrogen water, essential oils, herbs, fungi ....
All have their uses but sometimes something more targeted and powerful is needed - Another Tool in the Toolbox.

With a bit of background knowledge, a good reference book and some practice, Homeopathy can be used in many situations at home: from teething discomfort to a childhood fever, from period pain to tummy upsets, from injuries to emotional traumas such as exam nerves or grief.

Diane has a passion to educate people about homeopathy so that more and more can benefit from this amazing system of wellness.
To this end, she runs courses and is available to give free introductory talks to community groups on request.

Diane's popular four session course introduces the principles of homeopathy and teaches how to use the remedies for family and friends for injuries, minor illnesses and other situations where homeopathy can support wellness. She also looks at recognising when home treatment is not sufficient.

The course is aimed particularly at parents of young families but is suitable to anyone wanting to learn about this amazing system of wellness.

The next course is scheduled for July and August 2020

Saturdays: July 25, Aug 1, 15, 22
2 - 4pm

Cost $100
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Remedy Kits

Diane has designed remedy kits to complement the material presented in the courses.
Each kit contains 11 remedies in amber glass vials and is presented in an aluminium case.
Diane can also tailor-make kits to participants' requirements.

Feedback from Attendees

Thank you for the really informative course. It was worth the drive from Auckland to Hamilton two Saturdays in a row! I now have a working understanding of Homeopathy and how I can help my family in acute cases. The course was quite comprehensive, you covered a wide range of acute conditions. It was also very practical as you made the presentation come to life by giving us real life cases to practise on. You will be pleased to know that since then, I have been able to successfully help different members of my family in cases of cough, sore throat, wounds, and other acute cases. I highly recommend this course to all families! - C.D.

I've used my First Aid kit several times now and I'm loving it! I found the course to be invaluable and just wish I'd had this experience when my children were young. - C.S.