Note to the Reader

In accordance with NZ advertising standards the following testimonials have been redacted to remove any suggestion that homeopathy might be useful in any particular instance.

Miraculous Treatment

I initially approached Diane to help my son who had for years had ********. He was hospitalised several times and had every test known to man to try and eliminate this condition. I admit I was desperate having gone through most medical interventions. We had got to the point where it was ruling my family's lives.
Diane managed to not only stop the constant pains (within weeks!) but I can honestly say he flourished after her treatment of him and for that I will always be so grateful. This was life changing for my son and my family.
Since then Diane has treated me for a ********* pain which after months of discomfort has almost gone and my other son has also benefitted from her miraculous treatment. I don't truly know how she achieves what she does but I can honestly, without hesitation, recommend Diane's professional service and abilities.
Always Appreciative - K. S.


When my five month old daughter Auguste developed a ********* on her face I took her to our family doctor. She was prescribed steroid treatment. This provided short term relief but within days of finishing the treatment the returned. It began to spread; first over her chest then it appeared on her back, shoulders and arms.

As it worsened she was prescribed stronger steroids. I was told to use the medication sparingly as it could damage the delicate skin on her face and chest. It was suggested that I consider alternative treatment as she was not responding to steroids.

As a parent I found myself in a position which felt desperate. I had a baby who was constantly agitated and miserable. She would wake for hours every night scratching until she bled. She needed help I could not provide her with and the only medical avenues I was aware of had been exhausted. I bought many products hoping they would improve Auguste's skin.

It was at this point that I had our first consultation with Diane. She looked at Auguste's skin then asked a wide range of questions about many things including Auguste's environment, diet, bodily functions, temperament and major life events. From this Diane developed a treatment plan where Auguste is given natural remedies that have no side effects and cost far less than any other treatment I tried.

Auguste's skin improved drastically. With regular communication and consultations we have been able to maintain these results for months. We now take a good night's sleep for granted and most importantly Auguste is once again a healthy and happy child.
- M.F.

Peace of Mind

We would recommend Diane to all our family and friends. She has provided effective solutions to our challenges including ****************************************. Diane has given our family peace of mind as we are in very capable hands. - E.M.

I feel so good

I thought I would update you on my homeopathy treatment. I feel so good! I sleep better than I have for years – and I mean years! I feel more relaxed and have had two “normal” periods since being on the remedy. It is truly amazing the difference it has made and a big thank you from me to you for suggesting I go and see a Homeopath. - H.F.

I think you're a miracle worker

At age 2 1/4 my second child was still a terrible sleeper. It seemed the right time to nightwean and move him into his brother's bedroom, but he still really needed me to sleep properly. I managed to cut down the feeds and then eliminate them, but he was still waking and needing my presence to get back to sleep. I saw Diane and she gave him pulsatilla. The wakings decreased and then stopped. Instead of waking at the slightest noise or movement, he turned into a log once asleep. Of course he still wakes occasionally, like all children, but it's rare and generally very easy to deal with.

My 4 year old developed a ******at preschool. He was very miserable and clearly in a lot of pain. I'd never dealt with ****** issues before so was a little panicked. Diane happened to be free so I took him straight to see her and she figured out what he needed. He fell asleep in the car on the way home, started devouring tuna upon waking, and halfway through the bowl announced that his ****** wasn't sore anymore. It got a little sore again later in the afternoon but a couple more doses of the remedy and he was fine, with not a complaint since.

I still think you're a miracle worker :)
- R.R.