Classical Homeopathy vs Protocols

by | Jan 17, 2021

What is the difference between Classical Homeopathy and using Protocols?

Homeopaths like to argue about the finer points of what exactly Classical Homeopathy is but in general terms it is the application of Hahnemann’s Law of Similars (Like Cures Like) and principle of minimum dose (give the smallest dose necessary to effect a cure).  It involves a thorough case-taking to get the whole picture of what needs to be treated in the patient, then finding a remedy that is homeopathic to that whole picture. [Homeopathy means ‘same as the suffering’; it implies a relationship between the suffering and the remedy].
This can be hard work.

Using protocols (sometimes known as clinical homeopath) takes a different approach.  Based on solid clinical experience of classical homeopaths, protocols have been formulated for various named diseases.  These are generally straight forward to use especially for people who do not wish to formally train in Classical Homeopathy.

So which is best?

Consider an analogy.
A woman, let’s call her Wanda, wants an outfit for a particular occasion. She wants to look good and be able to perform her duties well in this outfit.

Wanda could buy something ready-made or have something tailor-made.

A ready-made outfit has the advantages of being faster, cheaper and a usually whole lot less hassle.
However, she will be restricted by the colours, styles, shapes and sizes that are in store on the day.
Wanda might get really lucky and find something suitable for the purpose in a colour that complements her skin & eye colourings, and a style that matches her personality and flatters her body shape. If she’s really lucky it will also have been made to fit someone with the same dimensions as hers.
Most women will know how unlikely this is! Realistically, there will be some compromise.
And if no one stocks the particular type of outfit she needs?
Perhaps Wanda has never even worn colours / styles that suit her and she has no idea how great she can look.

Just like buying clothes off the peg, Protocols / Clinical homeopathy have their place. Often they will work perfectly fine when there’s not too much at stake and a protocol for the particular problem exists.  And like store-brought clothes, if you have a little bit of know-how you can alter protocols for a better fit.  But you will always be restricted to a narrow field of choice.

On the other hand, if Wanda goes to a good dressmaker, the dressmaker will take a ‘full case history’ to determine what is best for Wanda – her particular skin tones, her eye colour, her height, her body shape, and her requirements in the functionality of the outfit. The dressmaker will accordingly choose the fabric textures and colours, the design and fit of the outfit. 
Wanda will have an outfit that fits like the proverbial glove – not too tight or too loose; not too short or too long and curves in the right places.
The colours & textures will be chosen to make Wanda’s skin glow and her eyes sparkle.
The style will flatter her particular body shape and be perfect for the particular occasion.

In short Wanda in her bespoke outfit will look her most beautiful self and be able to perform her functions to the best of her ability.

So it is with Classical Homeopathy – investing the time and money to see a professional homeopath will result in a remedy (or series of remedies) chosen especially for you and your particular characteristics and circumstances – you will become your most healthy & functional self.


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